Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Do I have to have a wristband if I am not drinking beer?

ANSWER: No, the wristband is only required if you are going to be consuming beer or wine. The food vendors will accept normal forms of payment, but the main food vendors will also accept the wristband as payment.
IMPORTANT - Wristbands are non transferable, and if the wristband is removed from your wrist it is VOID, and all funds remaining are lost. 

Q. How much does it cost to attend the event?

ANSWER: The Placerville Oktoberfest is FREE to attend! Beer, wine, food and other goodies are available for purchase. The Wiener Dog races, Kid Zone and enjoying the music is all FREE. To purchase beer, wine and cider, you must have a wristband.

Q. How does the wristband work?

ANSWER: The wristband is an RFID wristband.  It allows for positive ID of all people over 21, and offers a safe and secure way to purchase beer without waiting in line to buy beer tickets.  When you ask for a wristband, we will accept a form of payment, ask for your email address for the receipt and load the amount of money you choose to your wristband, allowing you to purchase beer, wine and food if you wish by just having your wristband scanned. You choose the amount you want to spend, and then just enjoy the event! It is safe, secure and encrypted and only you can spend your money. Beer, wine and cider will not be sold to anyone not wearing a wristband, no exceptions. There is also a fun interactive way to earn credits to purchase beer or food!

Q. Will there be German food and wine?

ANSWER: Yes! Placerville Oktoberfest will have plenty of German food with an assortment of brats, pretzels, strudels and other German treats. There will be local El Dorado and Amador wines provided by Mediterranean Vineyards and 1850 Cellars and there may be some German varietals if they are available.

Q. Are dogs allowed at the event?

ANSWER: One of the main attractions of the event is the Wiener Dog Races held on Main Street. Well behaved, friendly dogs will be allowed at the event, but please be prepared to meet their needs and clean up after your doggies! Service dogs are always welcomed!

Q. Where is the event being held?

ANSWER: The Placerville Oktoberfest is unique in that it is held on Main Street in Historic Downtown Placerville between Sacramento Street and Bedford Street.  All shops will be open and the street will be closed to traffic allowing only pedestrian traffic.

Q. What if I run out of money on my wristband?

ANSWER: We suggest attendees start with $40 loaded to their wristband, but if you need to load more funds, you can just return to the check in for debit, credit or cash transactions, or look for one of our friendly "Get Loaded" attendants wearing a brightly colored t-shirt who will be wandering the venue and can load your wristband with debit or credit only.

Q. Can I share my wristband?

ANSWER: NO. Wristbands positively identify the bearer and are linked to the bearers debit or credit cards, so absolutely no transfers will be allowed. Wristbands are voided if they are removed, so PLEASE do not remove the wristband until you are done with the event! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q.  What about parking on event day?

Answer:  Parking on event days is always a challenge.  We suggest carpooling or using Lyft or Uber.  All the parking lots and structures will be available except the courthouse parking lot and all on street parking remains available except for the event site between Sacramento and Bedford.  There is no event parking in the Round Table parking lot.  

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